Akis Farmakis

Akis studied and works as a lawyer. Sports have always been a big part of his life. Wanting something more meaningful in the year 2009 he discovered yoga.

Practicing yoga daily, he was amazed by the change not only to his body but also to his mind. Thrilled by the changes yoga offered him he decided to pursue yoga on a deferent level. In the year 2011 he started practicing yoga on yoga union studio; there his love and knowledge for yoga grow even more.

Furthermore he completed the TTC one year at Ioannina which was managed by Yoga Union. But he didn’t stop there he still continues to attend yoga seminars not only to Greece but all also aboard. Now he still works as a lawyer and as a yoga teacher to yoga union.

As a teacher his goal is to share his love for yoga with all of his students and anyone who wants to see how yoga can make deference to their lifestyle.