Georgia Koliou

Since she was a little child, Georgia was always involved with athletics. So she tried many sports until she found the sport of rowing when she was 12 years old. The sport she followed for 10 years. In those years she won many national championships and appearances in world championships with the Greek national team.

In 2004 she closed the chapter of championship but not the chapter of sports. She continued working as a professor of physical education. But the gap of the athletic lifestyle was there, the goals the motive she was missing that. Then yoga appeared to her life and stared to fill that gap. Although at the beginning it seemed as another physical exercise, gradually escalated in genuine interest.

She stared attending seminars and workshops that included Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga from distinguished teachers such as: Kino MacGregor, Sofia Xirotiri and Savvas Gantsis. She attended seminars of restorative yoga by the senior teacher Marla Apt. Additionally at 2011 she completed the 200hr TTC at YogaWorks which was done by Anna Zorjou and Edwin Bergman. From the year 2011 she works also at the studio Yoga Union.